Knauf Richter System is a pioneer and market leader in drylining systems for ceiling and wall systems in Europe. With more than 4,000 products, we develop and produce a variety of practical and innovative solutions for virtually any renovation and construction task. Our areas of application include administrative and industrial buildings, sales and business offices, hotels, department stores, schools, hospitals, and residential homes.

The product range from Knauf Richter System also includes comprehensive service. Available to customers is a nation-wide network of competent system consultants for on-site professional support. Our scope of activities also includes various services in logistics, construction-site unloading, fixed lengths, and technical training.

Solution expertise from dry-wall screws to lightweight construction
Knauf Richter System is your competent solutions provider for solving complex problems in drylining construction. We provide our customers with a wide range of products and services from thousands of manufacturers throughout the world, ensuring they are 100% free to use. Naturally, this also includes custom-made products at the customer's request.
Our tested systems are manufactured in a lightweight construction. Therefore, our products meet your requirements.
The continuous further improvement and completion of the judging system product range allows our customers to complete the construction of their building reliably and with DIN compliance. Our innovations will continue to set new standards. For example, the SuperMagnum Plus profile ensures maximum stability, sound insulation, and fire protection safety. Our structural lightweight construction SBS opens up entirely new possibilities in industrial and commercial buildings, room-in-room solutions, add-ons, and storey additions.

Certified for additional safety and quality
Knauf Richter System for the latest production technology and the highest degree of system expertise and innovation. Our sophisticated ceiling and wall systems are produced for the world market - and on demand from the world market. Our products also meet all requirements for quality and safety. Not least our DIN EN ISO 9001 certified quality management guarantees top-notch quality.
So it is a high priority for us to protect the environment and nature. Knauf Richter System is the first company in drylining construction to receive DIN EN ISO 14001 certification. We take a very active role in the continual improvement of the environmental processes of our products.
Knauf Richter System has also been BS OHSAS 18 001 certified for its occupational health and safety regulations since 2010. In this way, we have a highly modern system for optimizing occupational safety in production, loading, and installation.
Knauf Richter System meets the needs of our customers, to customers, and to people, nature, and the environment.
Because Knauf Richter System can.




Headquartered in Griesheim near Darmstadt, Germany, Knauf Richter system emerged from the long-established specialized business Iron Richter and what was founded by Reinhold Richter in 1960. Inspired by the light drylining construction using metal sub-construction in the USA Knauf Richter system Began with the development, manufacture, and sale of drylining systems in Germany. With great success: Judicial system became a market leader within a very short time.



From Family Company to Market Leader
Our History

The company has been a part of the worldwide operating Knauf Group since 1980 - and is also one of the leading manufacturers of drylining systems for ceiling and wall systems in Europe.

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