Knauf Quality


Knauf takes pride in the products and services we provide and we recognise that the true measure of our quality will always be judged through the eyes of our Customers. The confidence that our Customers have in our products, services and in our people, ultimately defines the success of our business through their continued decisions to purchase from us.

It is our policy to maintain a quality system which aims to continuously improve the performance of the business to ensure that our products and services conform to the quality needs of our customers, that they fulfil the requirements of their intended use and that they are supported by a prompt, efficient and friendly service.

Our quality system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and quality objectives are established and reviewed annually by the Management Team.

It is a key objective of the Company to empower our people in the area of quality, as we recognise that it is through this that we give ourselves the best chance of ensuring that our Customers’ requirements and expectations are fulfilled.

German Quality … Quality Management

Germany has been known for outstanding achievements in the fields of science and technology since well back into the preceding century. Boasting more Nobel prize-winners in the scientific field than any other nation, Germany still stands at the forefront of innovation and expertise. Management systems play a major role in maintaining consistently excellent products and solutions. Knauf holds certification by LGA InterCert as well as meeting all the requirements of DIN EN 9001:2008.


Using these stringent standards as a benchmark Knauf can confidently gain customer satisfaction and global brand recognition. This dedication to maintaining consistently high levels starts with well-considered management policies and continues seamlessly to the finished product.

Knauf holds this tradition proudly

Research and Development

From its inception Knauf has incorporated ongoing research and development as an important part of its company.

Understanding that industry and progress cannot be sustained if the planet's resources are drained in the process, Knauf seeks out new materials and methods that support long term sustainability.

Knauf not only looks for environmentally viable solutions when creating and sourcing materials. Research is ongoing into creating ecologically sound structures, and with earthquakes still a problem around the world, the development of seismic resistant systems and materials. Among the patents registered to Knauf one of the most exciting has to be that for ECOSE® technology. With many uses and variants, it is set to be a big player in the construction industry.